Tiger Woods and the Constitution - Even Tiger has the Right to Remain Silent

According to reports, Tiger Woods was involved in a single car accident near his residence.  The big story seems to be that he is "refusing" to talk to investigators about the accident. 

Just a guess, but he probably hired a competent lawyer to advise him on the matter.  That competent attorney probably told Tiger he did not have any obligation to answer any questions about the accident and did not have to speak to investigators about the accident.

Remember that document that I write about - The United States Constitution?  We as citizens have no duty to talk to the police about anything.  Yes, this includes the famed Tiger Woods.

As a Houston DWI lawyer, we have had several clients that have been contacted by the police to get "client's" side of the story.  The problem is, the police are often trying to gather evidence to use against that person.  In our experience, it is rare that law enforcement contacts our clients to exonerate them.  More often than not, the police are seeking information to build a case against the person to whom they are speaking.  

If the cops come knocking on your door to speak to you about a crime, I suggest you find a lawyer to help you through that process (even if you have nothing to hide.)