Conroe Police Officer Indicted for Tampering in DWI Arrest - Is There a Pattern?

Remember the Conroe Police Officer – Mark Goodman - that was indicted for tampering with a government record in a DWI case? Well, as it turns out, Mr. Goodman recently arrested one of our clients for felony DWI.

Through the course of our investigation, we get a copy of the offense report and the video tape from the night of our client’s DWI arrest. Guess what? In spite of what the officer writes in his report about the field sobriety tests, client looks perfect on the video. Additionally, when Goodman asks client if he has had anything to drink, client replies that he has not had anything to drink. Not surprisingly, Goodman falsifies this in his report and writes that client admits to drinking.

It seems that the indictment against Goodman may have been a long time coming. I will say it again, good for the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office for taking a stand and saying in effect, “we will not stand for lying cops.”

All we ask as criminal defense lawyers is that we have a level playing field and that everyone plays by the rules.  Actually, when you think about it, don't we all want that in our criminal justice system.  I think we all want everyone to tell the truth, right?  We all expect OUR government to play by the rules, right?  Even in DWI cases, right?

Conroe Police Officer Indicted for Tampering with DWI Offense Report

The Montgomery County District Attorney's office has indicted a Conroe police officer for tampering with a government record.

The indictment accuses Conroe policeman Mark Goodman of falsely stating that a person he charged with Driving While Intoxicated refused to perform field sobriety tests. The defendant was charged with DWI.

It is a new day in law enforcement when police officers are held accountable for arresting someone and then lying in their reports about that DWI arrest. Rarely is anything done to police officers that just flat our lie in their reports. Even when there is video evidence that the officer's report is wrong, there is rarely any repercussions for the officer.

Let's not forget that these reports have a serious long term impact on people's lives. Even if the case is ultimately dismissed, the client is still arrested, taken to jail, forced to pay money to make bail and hire a lawyer. Good for the Montgomery County District Attorney's office for protecting the rights of the citizen accused and holding a police officer accountable.