Coercing Defendants to Plea with the DIVERT Program

As predicted, the DIVERT Program is turning into a coercive program

Yesterday, I asked a prosecutor to evaluate a DWI case.  He asked, "for the DIVERT Program?"  I replied, "No, I would like for you to evaluate it for the other 'D' word, a Dismissal."  The prosecutor then told me that he was under orders form the "higher ups" that if they evaluate a case for trial, they will no longer be offering the DIVERT Program.

We, the Houston Criminal Defense Bar, specifically asked the Honorable Roger Bridgewater about the office's position on evaluating cases when the Harris County District Attorney's office initially  spoke about the DIVERT Program.  Judge Bridgewater specifically told us that the cases that need to be dismissed will be dismissed.  How in the hell is the prosecutor going to know if the case needs to be dismissed if they don't evaluate the case?  Am I missing something, or have they changed their policy? 

I hope this prosecutor is wrong.  I hope Judge Bridgewater is standing by what he told us several months ago  that being that his prosecutors are going to first evaluate the merits of the DWI cases before offering the DIVERT Program.