12 days into DWI DIVERT Program - Still no official forms for DWI lawyers to review

The Harris County District Attorney's office has been talking about the new DWI pretrial diversion program since May of this year.  We have heard the official date of the start of the program is August 1, 2009.  It is now August 12, 2009 and we as Houston DWI lawyers have yet to see any of the official documents related to the new DWI DIVERT program.  I was in court this morning and asked a chief prosecutor for the paperwork that they would require my client to sign to be a part of the DWI program.  The response - "We don't have the final forms yet."

How am I as a Houston DWI attorney suppose to advise my clients to accept or reject this program if we don't even have the forms that would be required to enter into the agreement?  I know, it is a rhetorical question, but the program and the design of the program have been ill-conceived from the outset.

The assistant Harris County DA's are just as frustrated, in fairness, by the lack of information as the defense bar is.  Why?  Because they too are dependent on the higher-ups in the office to learn about the program.  It seems nobody really knows enough about this program - remember, the DWI diversion plan that District Attorney Pat Lykos discussed months ago

The new DWI DIVERT program - ill-conceived, hastily planned and a waste of time so far. 

DWI Pre-Trial Diversion means fewer dismissals

Since the announcement by Pat Lykos about the Harris County District Attorney's office offering pre-trial diversion on DWI cases, there has been a buzz around the courthouse.  Some lawyers seem to like the idea, while other attorneys seem to be very critical of the idea.

As a Houston DWI Lawyer, my concern is for my clients that are not guilty of DWI.  We have had hundreds of DWI cases dismissed over the years.  My concern is that the representatives of the Harris County District Attorney's office will think they are doing each of our clients a huge favor by offering a pre-trial diversion.  But what about the people that would have had their cases dismissed, but for, this new policy?  I'm concerned that the number of Houston DWI cases that are outright dismissed may be reduced significantly.

Why should someone have to jump through all of the pre-trial diversion hoops to get their case dismissed when the case would have been dismissed before this new policy?  These are the people that are going to be hurt by this new DWI pre-trial diversion policy.