7th Annual Top Gun DWI Seminar - A Blood Test Trial From Start to Finish

Our firm attended the above DWI seminar last week.  The seminar focused on the ever increasing number of DWI arrests that involve blood tests and the challenges that can be made to the admissibility of the blood test results.  While some of the discussion was very technical, most of the material presented was pretty straight forward.

I obtained a few nuggets of knowledge that will help many of my blood test cases.  Unfortunately, I believe the number of blood test cases in Harris County will continue to increase over the foreseeable future.  While I don't like this fact and think that the mandatory blood tests are too Constitutionally invasive, they are becoming more and more prevalent. 

DWI blood draw warrants have become more and more pervasive in Houston and other Texas counties.  Law enforcement officers are advocating the use of mandatory blood draws in even the most mundane DWI cases.  It is incumbent upon those of us that fight DWI cases to be vigilant in our efforts to educate ourselves to effectively defend our DWI clients.  We all must do our part to fight against these mandatory blood draws either with a warrant or without a warrant.