Dumbest Criminals - Drunk Driver Arrested after calling 911 on herself

A Wisconsin caller dials 911 to report a drunk driver - the conversation with dispatch is a s follows:

     Caller: Somebody's really drunk driving down Granton Road."

     Dispatch: Okay are you behind them, or...

     Caller: No, I am them.

     Dispatch: You am them?

     Caller: Yes, I am them.

     Dispatch: Okay so you want to call and report that you’re driving drunk?

     Caller: Yes.

Dispatch then asked the caller to pull over and turn the car off, which she did.  Police officers arrive and arrest the caller for Driving While Intoxicated / Drunk Driving.  According to reports, the caller's breath test was over twice the legal limit.

As Jamie Spencer points out, let's hope she gets credit from the prosecutors for "doing the right thing."  Knowing the system and how it works, I doubt the prosecutors will give her any credit for doing the right thing.

I have been arrested for DWI, can I go to Canada?

Seems like the simple answer would be, "Sure, no problem."  However, Canada, unlike any state in the United States, considers an arrest and conviction for DWI, DUI or drunk driving a felony offense.  In the all US states, a first time offender for DWI is a misdemeanor offense unless there are aggravating circumstances (death involved, serious bodily injury, child passenger, etc.).

If Canada knows about your DWI (whether the case is still pending or you have been convicted of the DWI /DUI), they may not allow entry into Canada.  We have heard of US citizens being refused entry into Canada because of the DWI / DUI arrest with no conviction.  In fact, we have been informed that there have been US citizens that have flown into Canada only to find out that they must immediately board a plane and return home.

If you have a DWI conviction and are planning a trip to Canada and live in the Houston area, call a Houston DWI lawyer to discuss what needs to be done to gain pre-approval to travel to Canada before being denied at the border.

Police using threat of forced blood draws to fight DWI / Drunk Driving

As I wrote last week, Houston Police officers are being trained to draw blood on those suspected of drunk driving / DWI.  According to an AP report on September, 13 2009, cops are on patrol with tasers, guns and  now syringes.

Police officers are increasingly looking at needles as a new weapon to fight driving while intoxicated cases.  Instead of looking objectively at the results of rediculous balancing tests, the police are now relying on citizens blood to gather evidence.

Again, for the record, this type of search is in my opinion unreasonable and violates the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  We should not allow Houston Police Officers to draw blood fo Houston citizens in a Houston DWI arrest.