Harris County Judge Questions Houston DWI DIVERT Program

Harris County Court Judge Bill Harmon questions the legality of the Harris County DWI DIVERT Program.  Does that sound familiar?  Seems like he is not the only one questioning it.

Judge Harmon tells 11 News of the controversial DWI DIVERT Program, "It's illegal."  He goes on to say of the Program, "All 14 of my colleagues are doing it. And certainly I could have gone along with this illegal program, and if I had, you wouldn't be sitting down here today." 

He is not alone in his thinking.  The legislature has made DWI one of the only crimes in Texas that is not eligible for deferred adjudication probation - that's right, one of the only crimes.  Murder, Aggravated Robbery, Burglary - all eligible for deferred adjudication probation, but not DWI.  The legislature took deferred adjudication away as possible outcome on a DWI back in the early 1980's.  Maybe its time the legislature revisited the idea of allowing deferred adjudication for those charged with DWI.