Tigers GM upset with Miguel Cabrera for intoxication altercation - Is he Justified?

According to an ESPN report, Detroit Tigers GM was upset with Miguel Cabrera after learning that Cabrera had become intoxicated during the final weekend of the baseball season.  Not only was it the final weekend of the season, the Tigers were in the hunt for a playoff spot that they ultimately lost to the Minnesota Twins. 

A little more background is needed - not only was he intoxicated (over 3 times the legal limit), but the police were called to the scene of an altercation that Cabrera was allegedly involved in.  Police then released Cabrera to staff members of the Tigers organization.

Is the Tigers front office justifiably upset with Cabrera for getting intoxicated during the final weekend of the season?  Would it be any different if the incident have happened earlier in the season?  If the Tigers were not in the playoff hunt?

For what it is worth, the baseball season is a long season.  I think it is ridiculous to ask a baseball player to refrain from alcohol for the season.  With this being said, it is not  justifiable or excusable to become intoxicated to the point that police are needed to respond to an altercation.  The timing of Cabrera's intoxication and altercation on the last weekend of the baseball season while the Tigers were in the playoff hunt is just plain stupid.  If he had just gotten drunk, stayed home and had no run-in with police, I would say the Tigers would be off-base in being upset with him.  However, when you involve your employer in you personal life by asking them to pick you up from a drunken encounter with the police, your employer has every right to be pissed-off at you.