DIVERT Coercion Revisited

In response to Herman Martinez' post and my post about the new rules for the DIVERT Program, Mark Bennett offers another (and I must admit compelling) reason for the changes in the DIVERT Program.

Mark writes,

The DA’s Office is not trying to get more people to reject DIVERT, and is not trying to prevent DWI trials. Rather it’s like a monkey at the controls of a nuclear reactor, pulling levers and pushing buttons without a thought to the consequences.

It does seem that this decision to expedite these cases was made in haste without much thought about the practical aspects of the policy. 

My partner had a discussion today with one of the attorneys working in the DIVERT Division and explained how ridiculous this new policy is.  In fairness, there was apparently a meeting about this short reset BS yesterday and the policy is apparently being change.  We will wait and see, but it does seem once again that Mark's conclusion is right on the money.