Toyota developing new technology for DWI and drunk driving

According to a yahoo article, Toyota is in the process of developing technology to combat drunk driving in commercial vehicles.  The device that they are currently testing would have a hand-held breathalyzer that detects alcohol in a persons breath and prevent the vehicle from being started if the level of alcohol is over a certain amount.   The article goes on to state that there will be a camera to verify the person that has blown into the machine.

Funny thing about this article is the technology already exists and is being used in DWI cases every day here in Houston.  The only difference is that the technology used here in Texas is "after market," not original to the vehicle.  Go see my friends at EZ Interlock if you are interested in the technology that is already on the market. 

The Harris County courts are using this technology more and more often.  My concern is that Big Brother is getting bigger and bigger.  I think it is very possible that Big Brother may mandate this type of technology for everyone at some point in our history, and that is just frightening.  What else is Big Brother going to mandate - that we all GPS technology in our vehicles so they can know where we are at all times?