Does Driver's License Surcharge Lead to More DWI Dismissals?

Just a little background.  In 2004, the Texas Legislature mandated that anyone convicted of DWI in Texas is required to pay a driver's license surcharge in order to legally continue to drive.  The surcharge on a driver's license is between $1,000 and $2,000 per year for 3 years.  The state has failed in its attempt to collect many of the imposed surcharges.

The question, what purpose does the surcharge (I call it a tax or  fine) serve?  Does the surcharge help resolve DWI cases or simply encourage citizens to go to trial?

According to Derk Wadas of Plano, "A former District Judge testified before the Texas Public Safety Commission that the effect of the surcharge program has been to actually increase DWI dismissals because so many more DWI cases are being tried to juries since the passage of the surcharge law."

Maybe the surcharge is actually helping many of those charged with DWI from ever having a conviction.  More and more dismissals means less and less money for the government.