New lows in lawyer marketing - Andy Nolen's style

Just like my friends and colleagues Mark Bennett, John Floyd, Paul Kennedy, Murray Newman and Cynthia Henley, I too am calling out Andy Nolen's immature attempt to market his law practice (if he even has a legitimate law practice.) 

What is it that Andy Nolen has done?  In an attempt to bolster his reputation, he has taken to very juvenile tactics.  He has created or has had someone create a username and has written reviews of  some of the best attorneys in Houston.  In fact, the person with the username "Jerry K" wrote 32 reviews of Houston lawyers on 1 day.  And guess what?  31 of the reviews of Houston lawyers were negative and only one was positive - that review was for Andy Nolen.

Let's take my law partner Leslie Johnson as an example, where Jerry K says, "Pompous, this guy acted like he was the president or sumthin and treated me like i was trash."  So how do I know this is fraudulent - well my law partner is also my wife and not a he as described in the post.

The following is a list that was posted on Mark Bennett's blog that I attached here for reference.

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Andy Nolen, you and your blatant attempt to make other Houston Criminal Defense lawyers look bad for your benefit is completely transparent and a disgrace to our profession.