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Oregon Teenager Posts Drunk Driving Status on Facebook

 People write all kinds of desperate and stupid posts on Facebook, but one teenager from Astoria, Oregon takes the cake with his self-implicating post.  His Facebook post said “Drivin drunk… classic ;) but to whoever’s car I hit I am sorry.  :p.” This could have been just another desperate status update to get people’s attention, but a couple of his Facebook friends took this post seriously.  So serious, in fact, that they forwarded the message to the local police department.

First of all, any DUI or DWI lawyer will tell you never to admit guilt or submit to an alcohol test if you are stopped by the police.  However, this teenager was helpful enough to take all of the police work out of the two damaged vehicle reports they had received earlier.  Thanks to him, the two damaged vehicles’ owners now have evidence against him to make an insurance claim. 

Luckily for this teen, he was not pulled over while “drivin drunk”.  However, police officers did go to his house and charge him with two counts of failing to perform the duties of a driver.  Let this be a lesson to everyone out there that it is never okay to plead guilty to driving under the influence on Facebook or any other social media sites!  It is not advisable to plead guilty to any other crime on social media sites for that matter.

The teenager has told the media repeatedly that he was only being sarcastic, and that the icy roads caused him to slide into the two vehicles.  He says that he posts sarcastic stuff like that all of the time.  Well, if he continues to post sarcastic, incriminating status updates he will not have to worry about his Facebook friends for long because he will be in prison.  Hopefully he learned his lesson, and put a breathalyzer on his Facebook account.


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