Houston DWI "No Refusal" Weekends - Now Every Weekend in Harris County?

According to Herman Martinez' blog, Harris County DWI "No Refusal" weekends are going to be every weekend for the next 3 years.  This should come as no surprise to any of us DWI attorneys that regularly defend those that are charged with DWI.  Apparently, the federal government has given Harris County a federal grant that funds the DWI "No Refusal" weekends.

I wonder how this will effect the crime lab that is now responsible for testing the blood that is drawn on DWI suspects?  I just received the blood results of a client that had his blood involuntarily back on July 4, 2010 - it took over 2 months to get the blood results.  Will the backlog at the Houston Police crime lab grow even larger than it already is?  Will the federal grant pay to employ more employees at the Houston crime lab to test these additional blood samples?  As always, has the government really thought through the logistics of these "No Refusal" weekends or have they hastily approved a plan that is destined to create a further backlog at the Houston Crime lab?

Labor Day in Houston - Another "No Refusal" Weekend

Another holiday weekend brings out the cops and their "No Refusal" policies.  The Houston Police Department has announced that they will once again start sticking needles in the arms of citizens for misdemeanor DWI offenses.

So what does it take for you to be strapped down against your will and have a needle stuck in your arm?  As it turns out, not a lot.  The police pull you over, smell alcohol and claim you are intoxicated.  They fill out a few forms, ask a Judge to sign a warrant (according to those that have checked, no warrant has been refused) and you are strapped into a chair with a needle stuck into your vein.

So how do you avoid the needle stick?  Don't drive while intoxicated.

By the way, you will not be in a hospital for this invasion procedure.  Instead, you will be in the "bat van" - a van they drive around the city and park.  All the other DWI suspects that refuse a breath test will be brought to the same site.  In our experience, the "bat van" has its own issues with cleanliness.