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A Compliment from a Police Officer - What's the DWI World Coming To?

I had an interesting conversation with a police officer today after an ALR / Driver's License Hearing today related to a client's DWI arrest.  We spoke briefly about the defendant and the facts of the case that we had the hearing on today. 

The police officer went on to thank me for my previous cross examinations of him in the past.  He said that he has changed the way that he conducts his DWI investigations and the way in which he writes his DWI case reports.  Unlike some that we encounter, this police officer takes a great deal of pride in his work and truly wants to "get it right."

Believe it or not, I want police officers to have pride in what they do and do their jobs well.  It was refreshing to hear a police officer thank me for a rigorous cross examination, which is not the norm.  It is also refreshing for the officer to recognize that we all have a job to do in the criminal justice system.  Their job is to investigate and arrest suspects, the district attorney prosecutes and we have a duty to defend.  Thank you officer for recognizing this.

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William Bly - July 15, 2010 11:09 PM

I've had police officers compliment me on my cross examination skills in the past as well. Most (but not all) police officers respect the job we're trying to do. Those who take it personally usually have a stake in the outcome of the case and are generally the officers who are more likely to bend or break the rules. Those are the ones you have to be careful around.

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