Harris County Prosecutors Using HGN Video in Trial - Good Trial Tactic?

One of the field sobriety tests that police often rely on in DWI investigations is the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN).  Apparently the Harris County District Attorney's Office has recently started using a video in DWI cases that show what HGN looks like - presumably to influence jurors to give more weight to the HGN test.  

It seems that they have realized what many of us have known for years, jurors want to see it to believe it.  Jurors are sharper than most of us give them credit for.  Hearing a cop say he observed 6 of 6  clues on the HGN means relatively little to most jurors that I have spoken to.  However, if they had seen a video of the Defendant's eyes and the jerking the cop says he saw, I think they would feel much differently.  Here is a video that shows what HGN looks like.

Unfortunately for the prosecutors, the video they are showing to the jury is not the defendant or the defendant's eyes.  It seems any good DWI lawyer would quickly point this out to the jury.  It seems just as obvious another drawback for the prosecution - the technology does exist to look at a defendant's eyes and let the jury actually see the defendant's eyes.  Instead we get to tell the jury - the technology exists to record this so called HGN - prosecutor showed you that.  What he/she didn't show you was my DWI client's eyes.  Why?

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