Michael Jackson and the Constitution?

I was at dinner with my family last night and saw on the MSNBC ticker that New York Representative Peter King openly criticized Michael Jackson after his death, labeling him a "pervert", "child molester" and a "pedophile."  

Today I have had the Michael Jackson Farewell on in the background and heard Houston Representative Sheila Jackson Lee speaking.  Fortunately, there are at least some in the House of Representatives that still fully understand what our Constitution means.  During her remarks, Jackson Lee paraphrased our Constitution saying, "We are innocent until proven otherwise." 

Hey Mr. King, what crime is it that Michael Jackson was found guilty of?  Oh yeah, he never was convicted of any crime.  In fact, he was acquitted in 2005 of the charges of molesting a child.  I guess that is just not good enough for you.  It sure is a good thing that our founding father's gave us the Constitution to protect our rights and that we do not rely upon lawmakers like Mr. King.  Mr. King - great forum and timing on the criticism of Michael Jackson.

Unfortunately, as a Houston DWI Attorney, I see jurors on a regular basis in my DWI cases that have similar views.  Many of these jurors believe that where there is smoke there must be fire and that because an officer arrests a suspect for DWI they must be guilty.  This is simply not true.  Based on my 12 years of lawyering experience, it is my opinion that more people are falsley accused of drunk driving, DWI and DUI than any other crime.

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